Contest? Check.

checklistI entered a story in a writing contest this morning. It’s a little contest, more for fun than for Serious Career Aspirations (although there are prizes involved), but I finally entered one.

I promised myself—and one fellow writer/blogger—that I would enter a contest before summer, so this is a big to-do that I can check off my list. Contests are a great way to get some exposure and perhaps make a little money, but I’ve been too nervous to enter one so far because some of these contests get some really great stories.

But this contest is different than most: They send you a prompt and you have exactly 24 hours to write and submit a piece that addresses the prompt in some way. So it’s not about achieving technical perfection but rather coming up with an idea that is unique from all the other entries.

I don’t know if mine is going to stand out, but I entered. And that’s what counts for now.

Photo: Courtesy of Ckepper, Wikimedia Commons



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5 responses to “Contest? Check.

  1. Jen

    Exciting! The hardest part, it sounds like, is just getting your stuff out there. This sounds like a perfect way to bite the bullet and put something out into the world. I like the 24 hour business. I always work best under pressure ;-)

    Good luck!

  2. Hi! So my initial reaction to your post is this: I think 9 times out of 10 in short stories it’s about the idea. You ever hear/see posts/tweets, etc from lit mag editors complaining about the sameness of stories from MFA students and grads? I think a fresh idea is always what counts first. (At least it’s seemed that way in my experience.) Good luck!!!

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