Fangirling, Literary Style

It's a big issue! I'd better stop blogging and start reading.

Squee! The literary journal Ploughshares is celebrating their 40th anniversary by pulling out some back issues that were edited by well-known authors and having readers write reviews for them. I was chosen to write the review for Sherman Alexie’s issue!

Alexie is one of my favorite authors–his characters all have such unique voices, you could take out the “he said”s and “she said”s and still know who’s talking. Many of those characters are American Indians (like Alexie) and he artfully weaves in vivid, interesting details about modern Indian culture in a way that doesn’t patronize the characters or the reader.

Plus, in interviews, he’s so funny and smart and charming… (see, this is where the dorky fangirling comes in).

I just got the issue in the mail a couple of days ago… I hope I have time to re-read Reservation Blues  (or at least some of it) before I have to turn in my review.



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4 responses to “Fangirling, Literary Style

  1. Jen

    Oh wow! That’s *amazing*. I’m also a big Sherman Alexie fan. Squeeee, indeed!

  2. Jean

    Major congratulations! This is wonderful news and I am so excited for you.

  3. Great shares! (This one and the post below!)

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