Start a Love Train, Love Train

During the last few weeks, I’ve felt bogged down by a giant to-do list. My freelance work is picking up, which is good, but when I’ve got three articles due in the same week, and volunteer responsibilities at the kids’ school, and an all-day Girl Scout field trip, and all the other tasks that have to be done to keep the family clean and fed, it can get a little overwhelming.

When things get like this, it’s a good idea to remind yourself about the things you love. I’m stealing this idea from Virtual Farmgirl, who stole it from Are You The Babysitter? (two blogs you should be reading even if you aren’t lucky enough to know these two kickass women in real life, as I do), and I’m writing up a list of things I love.

Things I Love (not at all inclusive!):

  • Singing loudly in the car with my kids
  • Having a huge, I-can’t-breathe laugh with my husband
  • My bike! I love riding my bike (bonus points if I can use my bike to get errands done)
  • Reading for no reason other than because I want to
  • Going to the library by myself
  • Cold Riesling on a hot day
  • Room-temp Shiraz on a cold day
  • The glass-smooth feel of my daughters’ cheeks
  • Whole Foods honey-vanilla lip balm
  • Hanging out on the playground with my friends while our kids play
  • Going out with my friends in the evening while our kids stay home
  • Sandalwood-scented soap
  • Watching my husband play with our girls (bonus points if they’re making him play something girly, like the Fancy Nancy game)
  • Haagen Dazs coffee ice cream
  • T-shirts with geeky references that only some people notice and understand
  • Extra-fine point Pilot rolling ball pens, in purple, pink, or turquoise
  • My black notebook with silver stars embossed on the cover
  • Diet Coke from the can

Of course there’s more, but the list has to stop somewhere! So what’s on your list? Post it in the comments, or post it to your blog and link to it here! (I’m gonna go get me a Diet Coke.)

Photo: Courtesy of Oxyman, Wikimedia Commons



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8 responses to “Start a Love Train, Love Train

  1. Oh, the “glass-smooth feel of my daughters’ cheeks” made me smile. What a lovely description. Thanks for sharing your list.

  2. I’m with you on a lot of these. Why or why is Diet Coke in a can SO good!!! I really want to stop drinking diet soda (and any soda). It’s one of my 2012 goals!

    • It’s always best in the can–I can’t explain it!

      I recently cut back on my Diet Coke consumption (way too much caffeine and I was starting to get jittery) but I don’t think I could ever give it up completely!

  3. And great news on the freelance work!

  4. Love this post! Where do I begin…?
    I love to see tall men in the color Black.
    Herbal teas by Celestial Seasonings…
    Romantic poetry
    Sunday movies in bed
    Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony
    and the joy of being a writer.

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