My First Week of Just F*#king Writing Stuff

Last weekend, I vowed to “Just F*#king Write Stuff.” Inspired by an off-the-cuff comment about writing from The Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick, I decided that I would try to write three pages every day, even if it was three crappy pages, just to keep the machine working. This week, I met with mixed success, but I suppose that’s to be expected. Judging by my notes below, I’m going to have to try harder to not only set aside non-work writing time, but also to protect that time so other obligations don’t intrude too much upon it–and so that sleep doesn’t have to be sacrificed for writing.

I’m hoping that within a few weeks, the three daily pages will become a habit and I won’t need to track them like this to keep myself honest. But in the meantime, here’s how Week One went.

Monday: Three pages done! I had to fight hard for those pages though. I had a couple of hours to myself in the morning, but there were a lot of distractions, so I only got two pages written. That third page was done at 11:30 pm, just under the wire. But I did it!

Tuesday: Not so successful today. Wrote about three pages of material for a client, but only a paragraph of fiction. I guess some writing is better than none…?

Wednesday: FAIL. I’ll cop to hanging out in Starbucks with some good friends for a couple of hours in the morning while our kids were at camp (and it was worth it!), but after that I didn’t have a minute to myself until 10 pm. Our power had gone out at 9 though, and didn’t come back until 1:30 am. I suppose I could have written longhand by candlelight, but… no. I made big plans to make up for lost writing on Thursday though.

Thursday: I didn’t completely make up for the Lost Wednesday, but I did make up a little–four pages written. I did three pages of my novel draft and one page of other nonsense (which Hardwick says counts for something).

Friday: I’m attempting to write now, but EVERYONE is home and it’s just too damn loud. One kid is reading, but the other is dancing and singing out loud in the living room, and the husband is hammering something or other (and occasionally cursing). I’ve holed up in our bedroom to try and make some progress on the manuscript. I need to get a few more pages done to send my latest chapter to my critique group, which meets this week, so I’m off to try again.

Saturday: I got a page and a half done last night, and another three today. I still have to fill in two to three pages of material before I can submit it to my critique group so that page and a half makes sense.

Sunday: Three more pages done! Again just under the wire, before midnight.

So, overall, it was not bad but not great. Part of the problem is that I’m not writing very fast. An hour or two should usually be more than enough to write three pages, but it was taking a lot longer than that. I’m hoping that once I’m a well-oiled writing machine, my pace will pick up.



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