People All Over the World… Join In!

Around this time last year, my friend at Are You the Babysitter? posted a list of things she loves. Our pal Virtual Farmgirl got in the act, and then I followed suit and I called it the Love Train.

With the change of the season and the kids all going back to school, this seems like a good time to remind ourselves of the simple things that make us happy, so AYtB has started up the Love Train once again. She’s also gotten don’t touch my poodleWindy City Virgins, and Outrunning the Storm to join the Love Train. So check out those lists, check out my list below, and if you have a blog of your own, hop on! (If you don’t blog, give me your list in the comments!)

  • A bright, sunny day with a cool breeze
  • Doctor Who—one of the few shows that my husband and I both love in equal amounts
  • Watching my kids’ soccer games and seeing how they and their teammates work together, better and better each year
  • My Ragnar Relay jacket—it’s a great jacket, lightweight and warm, but it also broadcasts to the world my greatest (and possibly only) athletic achievement
  • Nutella. ’Nuff said.
  • Listening to my girls play Legos together, as they create wildly inventive scenarios for their characters
  • Fall shoes, especially my Chuck Taylors and Danskos, which I miss during the summer (seriously, I wore my black Chucks yesterday for the first time since May and they made me so happy!)
  • Hummus with lots of lemon juice
  • Guacamole with lots of lime juice
  • My childhood best friend’s mom’s oyster cracker mix—my friend recently sent me the recipe and the taste of those crackers took me back in time
  • Finishing up a knitting project and going through my yarn stash and pattern stash to decide what to make next
  • Lending books I loved to friends (it justifies my book-buying addiction!)

What’s on your list?

Photo: Courtesy of Oxyman, Wikimedia Commons



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4 responses to “People All Over the World… Join In!

  1. Nutella! Can’t believe that didn’t show up on my daughter’s list!

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