If You Liked The Hunger Games and Divergent


…then the next dystopian YA series on your list should be Marie Lu’s Legend. I’ve only read the first book in the trilogy, but as soon as I finished, I requested the other two from the library.

After a series of floods and other natural disasters took out large segments of the West Coast, Los Angeles and the surrounding areas have been taken over by the totalitarian Republic. While the Republic’s soldiers battle the outlying Colonies, citizens stuck in between struggle to survive.

Day, a 15-year-old Robin Hood, is a continual thorn in the Republic’s side as he steals from banks, hospitals, and other government buildings and gives their money, food, and medicine to those who need it. When one of his break-ins ends with a soldier being killed, Day is more hunted than ever. Military prodigy June takes the lead in hunting down Day, believing that he killed the soldier, her brother.

Chapters alternate points of view between Day and June—their chapters are even printed in different fonts and colors—giving the reader both leads’ perspectives and making both sympathetic and likeable. A rich cast of background characters, including soldiers, rebels, and those not taking sides, gives a great deal of depth and reality to the world in which this is set.

This series was a moderate hit, but may have gotten swallowed up in the Hunger Games/Divergent juggernauts. But if you enjoy this genre, Legend is definitely a book you should check out. (And if I know you in person, you can borrow my copy.)


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One response to “If You Liked The Hunger Games and Divergent

  1. Sounds like a great read. I’ll have to check it out!

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